Convinient part of Laundromat !!

Finishing like after ironing

Parent who has small children at home, often bothering by a rush ironing during your children's nap time or night time?

Don't worry about it. you can use our dryer!
All you need to do is folding and go home after finished drying.


If you leave your clothes long time after drying, your clothes may get winkles. please take them out after finished drying as soon as possible.

A good thing for a pollen dispersal season!

People who have hay fever, even small amount of pollen on clothes make you uncomfortable. However, if you use our whasher you can wash them off completely better than your own washing machine.Because our washer is more powful and able to handle more amounts of clothes at once! You can wash bed sheet and even bed as well.
You will never need to worry about getting pollens on your clothes or bed sheets again, because you don't need to hang them outside any more.No running nose at night!

Our store is 24 hours open.You can use any time you want !

A lot of laundry piling up at home before a suddent business trip . Single man, Forget doing laundry before travel..., Our landromat is 24 hours opening. You can use our sotre any time you need!
It just takes 1~2 hours to finish washing and drying big amount of laundry. Most suitable for busy people and sudden use!

When you have a lot of laundry piling up or a big thing need to be washed !

It's very convinient when you have a big amout or large size laundry need to be done.
The whole week laundry can be done at once!
Big laundry like futon, blanket, carpet now are easy to be washed and dried. Cheaper than ordinary cleaning service.Budget-frendly.

Clean the blanket and futon this way!

True value of coin laundry.

Thing you should know before wash futon, blanket, duvet,etc.
Do not try to jam the big landry into the washing mechine.
Fold carefully the same width zigzag and put into washer drum.
Use our machine well and efficiently. And sleep well with your clean futon.


Do not use washing machine to wash silk futon. The silk will shrink after wash.


Do not use washing machine to wash whool material, or products without non-slip quilting processing. The futon might shrink. And stuffing inside futon lean to one side.


Please choose bigger washing machine and dryer for your laundry.
Small machine may get the laundry twisted and difficult to be dried.

Drying Time for futon and the way put into drum.

Fold carefully the same width zigzag and put into washer drum.Please set up a longer drying time.


Partly drying causes incomplete drying result. Remaining humidity on laundry may cause bacteria cultivation。

Wash Duvet this way!

The point is the drying process.

The duvet is a special futon. Don't know how to wash at landromat? The below is the brief instruction.

【How to wash】
Accordion fold the Duvet and put into the washer drum. Washing together with a thin polyester blanket or a towel blanket is recommended since the stain will be rubbed off easily. For a single duvet, a 12 kg washing machine is suitable.

Please dry Duvet in two steps. Firstly, drying for about 30 minutes till it's halfly dried using a small dryer. The blanket that washed together earlier will be dried at this step.

Secondly, half fold the halfly dried duvet. ※ Roll fold the duvet and then half fold again,put it in a larger dryer and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Take it out once, changing side and fold as the last step. Dry for another 20 to 30 minutes and then it will be completely dried.


When drying your laundry, add washing ball or a tennis ball into the washer drum!


!If there is a lump of feathers when takeing your laundry out from the drum. Please dry it again.