How to use

How to use

About Installation machine

Waher / dryer / washer&dryer / shoes washer · dryer
※ Because it depends on each store, please refer to the store list page for details.
There is capacity in each machine, please choose the machine according to your purpose.

Price examples

8kg / approx 500yen / 1 Futon or Blanket 18kg / approx 700yen / 2 Futons or Blankets 22kg / approx 1100yen / 3 Futons or Blankets
There are moneychanger and vending machine inside our store.


Using washing machine: about 30-40minutes.
Drying maschine14-16kg :10minutes100yen / 22-25kg : 8minutes100yen

Drying time(standard)
Ordinary clothes approx 20-30minutes/ Jeans approx 35mitutes / 1 Blanket approx 40minutes
1 Futon approx 50minutes/ 2 Blankets approx 45minutes / 1 Duvet approx 80minutes.

Washing machine/dryer

This machine can perform washing and drying both.

Small / 4-8kg / 700-900yen / approx an hour
Middle / 15kg / 1200yen/ approx an hour

Shoes washer · dryer

Washing / 200yen / No need detergent
Dryer / 100yen / 20minutes
3 pair of shoes can be washed at once. please tight the shoestrings before put in the machine.